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"I have used this company for various services over the years and I have had excellent results each time. They are one of the very few services in this area that are willing to work on RVs - as any RV owner can relate even most car dealerships will hesitate to working on even the simplest things like brakes or oil changes with an RV even if the chassis is from that particular company. However, Advanced Auto Repairs has done extensive work on our Class C RV (at our request) and has always delivered awesome results to our issues within the timeframes and quotes that they provided. Will they swap out a fridge or repair a water heater ... probably not but then again this is a repair shop, not an RV shop ... but when it comes to servicing the mechanical aspects of my RV engine, brakes, exhaust, and other systems required for mobility they have been nothing less than awesome!

Besides our RV, they have worked on our 2002 Ford F350, our 1993 Jeep Wrangler, and our 2004 Pontiac Vibe and we have been provided excellent diagnostic and repairs every time we've had to take one of our vehicles in for something. Occasionally we have requested something that wasn't needed and they were quick to point out that the repair request that we made was not needed and would be a waste of money.

I can't imagine why anyone would give this business a negative review. They have always been sincere and completely honest with us in the years that we have been using them and we wouldn't ever, EVER, take out vehicles to anyone else. Their quotes are always reasonable and they deliver according to the timeframes that they promise. As anyone knows - it takes a long time to find a mechanic that you want to "keep" and once you find them you don't ever want to lose them. Advanced Auto Repairs are the only people in this area that we will take our vehicles to. Prior to finding them we were taking our vehicles to Houston when we had problems - a trip that was over 90 minutes away!

I don't usually post any reviews via Google but I wanted to mention what a pleasure it has been doing business with Advanced Auto Repairs in Bay City, Texas. These folks are the kind of people who you enjoy doing business with. Bottom line is that they are good people who I've done business with on many occasions and who I will visit again when one of my vehicles has a problem I need fixed.

Hope this helps someone else, Hugh Howe "



"Yay Advanced Auto Repairs!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Kim and Kelly (and Michelle!) for fixing my car so quickly and taking such good care of me! Not only did they get it ready a day ahead of schedule, but Michelle met me at school to pick up the sick car this morning, and she dropped Trevor off at school on her way to the shop! That is full service auto repair for sure!!!" Gena Lea S.

"I remember when you worked at the Dealership in Bay City, you worked on my truck and did a Great Job then and that was over 25 years ago. We know you have the experience. It's good to see you back in Bay City!" Kenneth M.

"Honest work. Dependable. Advanced Auto Repairs is the only place I would take my vehicle. The work is done right the first time. Prices are good! No complaints. I have 246,000 miles on my Suburban and Advanced Auto Repairs helps me keep it running!" Sue R.

"You better not move! West Columbia needs you!" Karen B

Sorry, Mrs. B. It's time to move on. Feel free to come see our new location!

"You're the greatest!" Kathy S

"I've been looking for an honest repair shop. I finally found one!" Patrick L

"As a woman driver, I appreciate a mechanic that will explain in terms I can understand, what is needed and how to take care of it. I appreciate the service I get at short notice and in an emergency, Thanks seems so little when I am in trouble. I'd recommend you to any and all!" Lillian J

"I am very satisfied with all aspects of your service!" Marvin R

"I don't care if you moved out in the country. I'd still come to you!" Ben W

"It's nice to find someone I can return to that I can trust!" M. R. Jr.

"I'll never figure out why so many folks I know would rather do business with their high school friends and continue to have the same problems again and again. I know I can come here and my car will be fixed in one visit!" Robert V.



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