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Have you been a victim of

"The Parts Store Diagnosis"?

This is a widespread problem which is only getting worse! It happens like this: A car owner with good intentions of fixing their problem as well as trying to save some money gets duped into having their car's computer "scanned" and parts sold to them based on Trouble Codes. The problem? That fistful of oxygen sensors most car owners are sold only replace perfectly useful parts and play no part in fixing the initial problem. That's money wasted! It happens to the best of people. Those just like you! So, for LESS $$ than you might spend replacing good parts with questionable parts, Advanced Auto Repairs can Properly diagnose your problem, give you an accurate estimate for repairs, and guarantee the work we do. The parts store warranty for selling you parts that don't fix your problem? "Sorry. You might need to buy more parts." That's what they do. They sell parts. We fix cars! We hear these sad stories daily and it really does get old seeing folks like you being mislead or confusing the 2! Stop by and let us show you how we "do it right". And you'll save some money in the process. Guaranteed! No apologies necessary.


And to answer the age old question, "Do you have that thing that tells you what's wrong with my car?" I can tell you this - yes, we are properly equipped to diagnose any problems you may have. Only there is no "thing" or computer that "tells you what's wrong with it". Computers can only tell us a general area that's at fault. It's up to us humans to still determine "what's wrong with it" based on the information computers can provide as a starting point backed up with further testing of the circuit in question to pinpoint the exact problem with the proper use of published repair information. With over 30 years experience working on cars, we've been tackling car repairs since before computers were even attached to one and we have evolved right along with them! It's what we do and we do it for you. Peace of Mind is Priceless. The cash you will save is a nice bonus.


If there are any other issues leaving you feeling "duped", by all means, contact us! We'll help any way we can.













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