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Be Car Care Aware

Those who spend the most money on cars are the ones who do the least maintenance.

Every day we are hearing more and more from people looking for ways to save money. Many want to trade their current car in for a more fuel efficient model. While that is the right thing to do if a new car purchase is in the plans no matter what, there are better ways to save money if this is the only reason to trade your car in at this time. Trading in a car for a new one to save on gas will only start to save money after 60-80,000 miles in many cases due to the purchase price offsetting the gas mileage savings. And, that's based on gas prices in the $4 per gallon range. We want you to save money now! We have put a plan into effect to get the most mileage out of your current vehicle plus reduce breakdowns, so you save money in two ways! The key is following a recommended maintenance schedule as most of the cars brought in by a wrecker tend to be the same ones not following a maintenance schedule. Oil changes alone don't cut it if you want your car to really last.


We have put together a generic maintenance schedule which applies to most cars on the road today as a guideline to your car’s basic requirements. This will give you a general idea of what to do, but when you come in for service we can print out a list to match your car’s factory recommended maintenance schedule. Today is a good day to start planning for tomorrow so stop putting it off and come in and see us!

Advanced Auto Repairs Maintenance Schedule


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