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Tell us what you think about your recent visit to Advanced Auto Repairs. We welcome all comments and suggestions good or bad as that is how we improve. To prove it, you will be given a $5 bonus after submitting your answers provided you enter a valid invoice number below.

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3.Was your vehicle fixed right this visit?

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4.Do you feel the repairs were properly explained to you?

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5.Which is more important to you?

        I want the best    Fixed to last a long time but on a budget    Low Price  I need my car now!

6.How do you feel about scheduled maintenance?

        I believe maintenance keeps my car running properly      Tell me more!    Don't bother me about it

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7.When looking for a shop, what is most important to you?

        The location of the shop     The shop's hours of operation     Reputation for quality and honesty     Referral from someone I trust

8.If a $200 repair is improperly done, you would most likely:

        Call, let you know about it and bring the vehicle back     Call, let you know about it and ask for a refund     Go to someone else to solve the problem     Live with the problem

9.The number one reason I quit using a shop is:

        Prices are too high     Takes too long to do the work    Someone in the business is rude    I do not feel I can trust them Poor work quality

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